Deck comes to life with TPWStain

Exterior Deck Re-Stain Before~After Photos~Tips by Scotty

Notice the dull appearance of the existing worn out finish on the Oak wood grain in the before photos.

Then watch it come to life as the TWP 1500 brings out the beauty and richness of the Oak Wood Grain.

The deck was a few years overdue: existing finish,
in many places was completely worn away by the elements and
by use.  

Old Stain was worn completely out and was not protecting the lumber 
from the elements or wear and tear of normal activities.  

After the first coat of stain had ample time to be absorbed by
the Oak Deck Materials, it became apparent that a second coat of stain was
going to be needed to fully protect the lumber adding years of future use.

Third coat of stain brings out the richness of the oak wood grains.

To add even more pizzazz the Dull Grey Faux Finished Concrete Post Piers were also stained.  

To add more pizzazz the Concrete Post Piers were also stained.  
This will improve the aesthetics of the deck by having all natural earth tones that 
are pleasing to look at and blend in with the decor and surroundings.

This picture and view was when I realized that the Concrete Piers I repaired prior needed a coat of stain to blend them into the aesthetics of the Home.

To add even more pizzazz

the Dull Grey Faux Finished Concrete Post Piers were also stained.  

In the Next Video is an example of the TPWStain Blocking Moisture using the Dew from the Night before.

See all 60 deck project photos of the StLouis Town and Country Home at the G+ Deck Repair Photo Album.

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Will Hempcrete absorb the pollutants that are killing my fellow St Louis Neighbors?

I didn't put 2 and 2 together in re that Hempcrete maybe a solution to a problem for StLouis area homes that are being affected by pollution coming from Nuclear Waste buried at Bridgeton Landfill.

I'm researching: "Will Hempcrete absorb the pollutants that are killing my fellow St Louis Neighbors?"

I was listening to a local State House Member talk (skip to 12:00) about "Methane: bubbles coming out of the ground in mudd puddles" & how the "Govt Officials who work in a building all get sick with Cancer".  To make matters worse: "a Local Landfill has an ongoing (underground) fire that is getting closer and closer to the Nuke waste buried during the Manhattan Project by our own USA Govt."

I know through my research that Hempcrete absorbs pollutants such as CO2 & the glues used in construction materials, etc.  

I'm researching: "Will Hempcrete do the same for these pollutants that are killing my fellow St Louis Neighbors?"

I've contacted a few people and will fill you in later on the findings.  I think it will work and create healthy homes.


#Ferguson #BridgetonLandfill #UnaccreditedSchools#WestlakeLandfill #NuclearWaste #Uranium #Methane#ColdWaterCreek 

#ManhattanProject   #Bridgeton   #NuclearWaste  #EPA   #USARMY   #POTUS   #GinaMcCarthy  


Maria Chappelle-Nadal-MOLEG 2015 Veto Session: 14th District Citizen Inequities

#Ferguson #BridgetonLandfill #UnaccreditedSchools #WestlakeLandfill #NuclearWaste #Uranium #Methane #ColdWaterCreek

Ms Maria Chappelle-Nadal attempts to shed light and the real-life danger of the

Bridgeton Landfill burning nuclear waste underground Uranium site that has been killing people with cancer, causing baby's to be born without eyes, and other atrocities that are being ignored by the EPA, Governor Nixon,  St Louis County Officials, and others.

Is this the same Mallinckrodt that Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal spoke of in the video?

  • Mallinckrodt PLC -NYSE: MNK - Sep 18 7:39 PM EDT $82.05Price decrease2.90 (3.41%) 

  • SECRET doc shows War Dept. contract w/ Mallinckrodt for radioactive waste in STL! DOE needs to CLEAN UP THEIR MESS! see the Document here:

What I learned is that there are 100 of these sites located in the StLouis Area.-
with 40,000 plus tons of Uranium buried during the Manhattan Project and under control of Republic Services.

So there has to be a reason that Republic Services has been allowed to sweep this under the rug and keep the public in the dark.  I bet $Money$ is behind this and
Client Profile: Summary, 2015 Lobbyists 
'99'00'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11'12'13'14'15$0$60K$120K$180K$240K$300KTotalAnnual Lobbying byRepublic Services
  • I find it very revealing in 2014 Republic Sercives upped their donations to Politicians 50,000 (I call that shush money). 

Digging a little deeper into Republic Services

Issues, 2014

IssueSpecific IssuesNo. of Reports*
Energy & Nuclear Power13
Hazardous and Solid Waste11
2014: Total number of lobbyists: 4Total number of revolvers: 4 (100.0%) Revolving Door Profile Revolving Door profile   Revolving Door Profile Former Congressman
Lobbying Firm HiredAmountSubsidiary (Lobbied For)Lobbyist
Blank Rome LLP$240,000Republic ServicesDavis, Ashley ERevolving Door Profile
Greenberg, HanaRevolving Door Profile
Mcdaniel, MalloyRevolving Door Profile
Peranich, StephenRevolving Door Profile

I did not know this about #STLouis "1945--1970 by Martino ...


Oct 12, 2013 - Examination of the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and the St. Louis aerosol studies, reveal their connections to each other, and to a much larger military project ...

Additional Information via Google Search

Jul 2, 2012 - On January 3, 1947, the Manhattan Project condemned 21.7 acres of land just north of Lambert Airport in north St. Louis to serve as a disposal ...

West Lake Landfill

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
West Lake Landfill
Superfund site

The West Lake Landfill in July, 2014
CountySt. Louis County
West Lake Landfill is located in Missouri
West Lake Landfill
Superfund sites
West Lake Landfill is an unlined landfill and Superfund site located inBridgeton, Missouri.[1][2][3] In 1973, leached barium sulfate residue originating from the Manhattan Project, was combined with topsoil (to dilute the contaminated material) and illegally dumped at the West Lake site. Due to the high concentration of radioactive material, West Lake was proposed to be a Superfund site on October 28, 1989 and underwent an environmental review process before becoming officially listed as a Superfund site on August, 30 1990.

Aerial Outline of West Lake Landfill
The landfill is divided into multiple sectors, within which are two highly-radioactive operable units (OU), OU-1 and OU-2, which both contain the same combination of highly radioactive material. Although barium sulfate cake residue is the only compound recorded to have been dumped in 1973, soil samples indicate the presence of many more radioactive materials, including Uranium andThorium, along with their decayed compounds. OU-1 covers 940 cubic yards (720 m3) on the surface (based on soil depth of 6 inches or 150 millimetres) and 24,000 cubic yards (18,000 m3) subsurface, while OU-2 covers 8,700 cubic yards (6,700 m3) on the surface and 109,000 cubic yards (83,000 m3) subsurface.
Recently, a large amount of attention has been brought to the West Lake landfill due to a subsurface smoldering fire located only 1,000 feet (300 m) away from OU-1. If the fire were to reach this area of radioactive waste, radon would be released into the air, resulting in high levels of radiation for surrounding areas.

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