StL Most Requested Safe Room Features

Safe Room Features

What Features are in your Safe Room?  

Has been brought up in my dealing with clients while talking about a safe room for personal safety from extreme events.

Here's some of the things that I found most commonly mentioned:
Toilet, Water, Fridge, Kitchen, Built-ins, First Aid Station, Phone, CB, Internet, Tools, Weapons, Books, Computer, Radio, Power Supply, Food Pantry, Lights...
Luckily with today's advancements in the Building Industry you can have all these in your Safe Room.  I'll share a few of my thoughts and build notes on how to incorporate any and all of the above features mentioned above starting with my favorites the Solar Energy Power Supply and Water.

Water is the Must Have in Every Safe Room

                 Most any plumber can route a line into your safe room but what if the local water utilities supply can't meet the needs and you have NO Water better have a backup plan of:  Water Collection, Water Storage, Water Re-Use-all common elements for supplying clean water to a safe room.

Solar Energy Power Supply with Battery Bank for Emergency Scenarios

Safe Room Features-NewPower Emergency Battery Bank System
NewPower Emergency Battery Bank System

                   Since we are in the Safe Room from some extreme event and there may or maynot be a roof on your home.  The Stand Alone Solar Panels mounted in your backyard will prove a wise investment for supplying the power needed for functional living.

Safe Room Ground Mounted Stand Alone Solar Array System
Stand Alone Solar Array not attached to Home

                    If there is still a roof on your home and the Solar Panels mounted there will just be adding to the needed power of the Safe Room.  Keeping the batteries at Full operating power! 

                    Another option is a generator that is tied into your battery that also works in conjunction with your solar panels such as this NewPower System that incorporates a Generac generators-

  • 8000 Watt stand-by generator
  • Runs on LP or NG
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • Recharges batteries in Power Center when required
  • Automatic self-test weekly

All of the above functions are handled seemlessly at the Power Center

Safe Room NewPower System Power Center Control Point
Safe Room NewPower System Power Center Control Point

Here is additional information in the form of a google document on the NewPower System for Emergency Power Failures

We will be covering Waste Management in the next addition to Safe Room Features.  Part of the Safe Room Blog Posts 1 and 2.

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