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Benton Rehab Project Drywall Installation and Tip: Number 1172

This drywall installation tip is brought to you by: Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy.  A full service General Contractor for the St Louis Region. How do you cut the Man-Hours needed to hang drywall on the Ceiling of a Building?
A simple drywall hoist or lift will make hanging drywall on the ceiling a breeze.  Let the hoist do the work instead of your Arms and Head! 

 After the Drywall is Installed now its time to mud and tape the joints for a smooth finish.  I generally use: either paper or sticky tape with 2-4 layers of sheet rock mudd.  Lightly sanding the areas after 3rd and 4th layer.  Don't forget after priming the new drywall with "New Drywall Primer" -Fill in any voids or missed spots for a truely uniform finish.

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