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$10-Per-Square-Foot Earth Sheltered House

Mother's $10-Per-Square-Foot (or Less!) Earth Sheltered House
Is it possible to achieve food and energy independence on one acre? Well, with imagination, hard work, and the right one acre, we think it can be done . . . and that's what this project is all about. Of course, providing most of the basic needs for four people from such a small piece of ground is a tall order. Still, we think it's a goal worth pursuing, and we're hoping that in this series of articles about our lowcost homestead we'll be able to help some of you in your struggles to increase your self-reliance . . . by doing some of the experimenting for you.

In previous installments, we discussed our initial plans for the project,the construction of the building's shell, and its waterproofing and insulation . . . as well as some special energy-related "extras". This time, we'll concentrate on the interior, specifically the fine cabinetry which complements our home's kitchen.

Until …