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How To Add Curb Appeal and Save on Home Energy Needs

Power Point Presentation of how Incorporating Green Building Practices can 
Add Curb Appeal and Save on Home Energy Use
Both of which will Add Value to your Home in Comfort and Appraisal Value
This Wrap Around Porch was 
Designed and Built by Scotty, Scotts Contracting
The Final Photos will be added soon!

Download or View the Power Point Slide Show of the project here

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotty for any Home Improvement Projects or Energy Reducing Needs for your Home or Business in the Greater St Louis Area and Scotty, Scotts Contracting will respond ASAP.

New Solar Roofing Option is Win-Win

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Scott's Contracting <> wrote:

A Roof that: Generates Electricity is a Win-Win for Generating Clean Electricity and Protecting your Home-Scotty

Does your Shingle Roof need Replaced? Consider a Roofing Shingle that also creates Electricity.  The new DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle Received UL Certification as a Roofing Material that creates Clean Green Energy via the Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Producing System. 

The DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle has chosen thin-film CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium deSelenide) as the PV material in the Solar Shingle to convert the Suns Rays into use-able Electricity for your Home and Business.

DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle will become available to the US public mid 2011.  Till then Scotts Contracting will be researching the Electrical Out-Put, Efficiency, and Other variables that are needed to determine if the Solar Shingle is a cost-effective option for your Integrated Ro…

Green and Eco Friendly Driveway Sealer Info

Can you help me find an eco-friendly asphalt driveway sealer?Asked by Jane
Encinitas, CA I am looking for a nontoxic, eco-friendly asphalt driveway sealer. Are there other products besides AFM Safecoat out there? AnswerEnviroseal's LAS-320 Asphalt Sealer is a product that stands out amongst all of the other environmental asphalt sealers.
It was recommended to me first by someone who works for a manufacturer of environmental sealants. It was developed for use on asphalt pavement at airports, parking lots, fuel storage areas and private driveways. After doing a little research, I found that it is one of the three non-coal tar, fuel-resistant sealers that is recommended for airfield pavement in a study funded by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2009.Quoting the FAA's report:
"the material is identified as a proprietary polymeric inorganic acrylic co-polymer with two perce…

Ecosystems: Understanding Our Place

 When I read this article the Education from growing up on a Cattle Ranch in North Missouri and taking care of the Land was re-enforced- Specifically how taking care of the Soil (Earth) in the Fields directly affected the Yield from the Crops and Forage we raised for Livestock Production.

Forage / Plants utilize the upper crust of the Earth (top 12 inches) of the Planet. This area needs to have optimum nutrients for sustained plant growth. Without optimum nutrients in the soil, vegetation fails to produce the Forage / Plant Matter which is needed for the Livestock to survive.
When a Forage Crop is grown the Plants utilizes the Soils Nutrients to grow. The Forage Produced transforms these nutrients from the Soil into, Forage / Plant matter, which is then harvested, stored or fed to the Livestock. The Nutrients in the Soil that were transferred inside the Plant / Forage, into beneficial attributes that supports the Livestock. (The Livestock perform best when the Plants / Forage have optim…

Home Energy Calculators

Finally a home energy meter that is easy to use. If you are seeking efforts to cut your energy use-age. TheMicro Soft hohm energy metercan aid in reducing your energy use-age. Dear Hohm user:Here at Microsoft Hohm, we listened when you asked for a more immediate way to monitor and manage your home energy use. And today, we have great news: we're thrilled to announce that the Hohm-compatible PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi from Blue Line is now available!Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor WiFi is a portable, wireless device that's easy to install (no electrician required!) and easy to use. It wirelessly sends your near real-time energy use to Hohm, providing you with more detailed energy use information than your monthly utility bill. You can view and track changes in energy use almost instantly, discovering potential energy waste in your home and areas where you can save. With Hohm and the PowerCos…

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit: Go On, Try These Improvements Yourself! Whether you Do-It-Yourself or choose to hire outside assistance, Build Green and do your part in reducing the US Oil Dependency- while becoming an Energy Wise User of Electricity! If you find outside Assistance is needed-Scotts Contracting if available to Help. Scotty will provide a Cost Effective solution to your Home or Business Energy Needs. Click Here to Email Scotty for a No-Cost Free Green Site Inspection What is a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit As a homeowner you can easily perform your own home energy audit as there are many improvements that thousands and thousands of Americans have made in their homes to save energy. Below we have compiled a list of the critical areas in your home for you to inspect and take action on to fix in order to save energy. All of these suggestions require you to walk around your home and see how your home stacks up, then make the appropriate small home improvement. D-I-Y…

Energy From Manure

Energy From Cow Manure Searching for 'Energy from Manure' information. I collected the top yahoo search engine listings for Energy From Manure... more to come on subject. If you have information you would like Published send article to Scotty.Producer of Baby Nutrition Products Saving CO2 Based on Special "Green Tariff" article found at: manure is being converted to energy at the first biogas cogeneration plant in the Ukraine. The facility, which is powered by 4,000 cows and a GE (NYSE: GE) Jenbacher gas engine, has recently completed nine months of successful operation at the Ukrainian Milk Company Ltd., located near Kiev.The excess power produced at the plant is being sold to the grid. The Ukrainian Milk Company, which produces milk for baby nutrition products, received the license for selling power to the grid…

Solar Water Heater, green ideas, eco conscious

Solar Water Heater

$1,000 to $5,000

While solar-heating costs are still high for most whole-house applications, heating water with the sun has become practical. For $2,500 to $3,500, installed, an active, flat-plate solar collector system will produce 80 to 100 gallons of hot water per day. The payoff: Your water-heating bills will drop by 50 percent to 80 percent. Plus, you'll be shielded from future energy price increases.

Green Space:

1.When Tom and Sheryl Stone set out to remodel their 900-square-foot condo, their goal was to make it as green as possible using materials that were recycled, renewable, or sourced from environmentally responsible companies.

2.The first renovation they made was removing the wall that separated the living room and kitchen. Removing the wall opened up the condo without changing its footprint.

3.Cork flooring was used throughout the space. Cork is a popul…