Energy Saving Dryer Net UP-DATE

Two Senior citizens from Washington, MO have developed a new filter for an electric dryer.  Jim and Sandy Atkinson were driving around and saw steam coming out of the side of homes.  They thought, "What a waste of heat!"

So, they started experimenting with different products and were not satisfied with any of them.  They decided to develop their own product.  They named it, Dryernet;  It filters the air coming out of the dryer so well, you can hardly smell anything. It filters down to .5 microns and removes all the contaminants.  Jim's physician says it filters down to the bacteria level.

The original thought was to save on heat to cut expenses but they have discovered added benefits to the product.  It adds much needed moisture in the winter, you don't have to have a humidifier going since the Dryernet adds moisture.  With the added moisture, Sandy doesn't have to use skin moisturizer.  It makes it easier to breathe at night cutting down on that dry mouth feeling in the morning. It cuts down on static electricity.

They found out that if your dryervent is longer than 10 feet, the dryer dries the clothes faster due to increased airflow.  So that saves energy too. Overall, Jim and Sandy saved about $20.00 a month on their heating bill.  If you use your dryer more than 4 times a week, you'll save more.  Many house fires are caused by a clogged dryer vent, not with the Dryernet!

How often does a "Green" product pay for itself in a month and a half?  If  ten percent of the electric dryers used the dryernet, over 1 Billion dollars in energy use would be saved, each year.

We have been featured on Fox news in St. Louis, KOLR-TV in Springfield, MO and KOMU in Columbia, MO

CHECK IT OUT AT: dryernet.com 



Seeking NFL Fantasy Football Players-join league-Warriors Only

 NFL Fantasy Football League Warriors Only is full.  Stay Tuned for updates.  Scotty

    Offense : Passing 
    • Passing Yards +1 pt for every 25 yards
    • Passing Touchdowns +6 pts
    • Interceptions Thrown -2 pts
    • Every Time Sacked -1 pt
    • 300-399 Passing Yards Bonus +3
    • 400+ Passing Yards Bonus +4
    • 40+ Passing Yard TD Bonus +1
    • 50+ Passing Yards TD Bonus+1
    Offense : Rushing
    • Rushing Yards +1 for every 10 yards
    • Rushing Touchdowns +6
    • 40+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus +1
    • 50+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus +2
    • 100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus +3
    • 200+ Rushing Yards Bonus +4
    Offense : Receiving
    • Receiving Yards +1 pt for every 10 yds
    • Receiving Touchdowns +6
    • 40+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus +4
    • 50+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus +5
    • 100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus +2
    • 200+ Receiving Yards Bonus +1
    Offense : Kick & Punt Returns
    • Kickoff and Punt Return Yards +1 / 10 yds
    • Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns +6
    Offense : Miscellaneous
    • Fumble Recovered for TD +6
    • 2-Point Conversions +2
    • Fumbles Lost -2
    • Fumble -1
    • PAT Made +1
    • PAT Missed -1
    • FG Made 0-19 +3
    • FG Made 20-29 +3
    • FG Made 30-39 +4
    • FG Made 40-49 +5
    • FG Made 50+ +6
    • FG Missed 0-19 -2
    • FG Missed 20-29 -1
    Defense Team
    • Sacks +1
    • Interceptions +2
    • Fumbles Recovered +2
    • Fumbles Forced +3
    • Safeties +2
    • Touchdowns +6
    • Blocked Kicks +1
    • Kickoff and Punt Return Yards +1 / 10 yds
    • Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns +6
    • Points Allowed 0 +10
    • Points Allowed 1-6 +7
    • Points Allowed 7-13 +4
    • Points Allowed 14-20 +1
    • Points Allowed 28-34 -1
    • Points Allowed 35+ -4
    • Less than 100 Total Yards Allowed +6
    • 100-199 Yards Allowed +3
    • 200-299 Yards Allowed +2
    • 300-399 Yards Allowed 0
    • 400-449 Yards Allowed -1
    • 450-499 Yards Allowed -1
    • 500+ Yards Allowed -2
    Individual Defensive Player
    • Tackle +1
    • Assisted Tackles .5
    • Sack +2
    • Tackles for Loss Bonus +2
    • Sack Yards +1 / 10 yds
    • Defense Interception +2
    • Forced Fumble +2
    • Fumbles Recovery +2
    • Touchdown (Interception return) +6
    • Touchdown (Fumble return) +6
    • Touchdown (Blocked kick) +6
    • Safety +2
    • Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT) +2
    • Pass Defended +1
    • QB Hit +1
    • Interception Return Yards +1 / 10 yds
    • Fumble Return Yards +1 / 10 yds
    • 10+ Tackles Bonus +3
    • 2+ Sacks Bonus +4
    • 3+ Passes Defended Bonus +2
    • 50+ Yard INT Return TD Bonus +8
    • 50+ Yard Fumble Return TD Bonus +8

    Attic Insulation

    - Proper Insulation Levels in your Attic coupled with Ventilation will save you Money on your Energy Bills.

    Certified Insulation Installer for: Batt Type, Spray Foam, Loose Fill-

    Green and Eco Friendly options are always available.

    US Department of Energy and the Green Building Initiative quote that by having:
      "Proper Attic Insulation will save 40% on 
    your Summer Time Cooling Costs".
    • Example:  5 months of Cooling Bills= $750 - 40%= $450
    • Savings of $300 
    • When added to winter time savings your Insulation will pay for itself in under 2 years for a standard size home.
    There are additional benefits to adding insulation to your home.  If you would like to know more feel free to email: scottscontracting@gmail.com for additional information and to schedule a Green Site Evaluation.


    Natural Gas Fracking News

    New Jersey Gov. Christie enacts one-year hydraulic fracturing moratorium
    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has enacted a one-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, making the Garden State the first state in the US to ban hydraulic fracturing. 
    Full Article


    Re:Missouri Flunks! -- Save EPA & Coal Ash Rule -- Landfill Update

    Subject: Missouri Flunks! -- Save EPA and Coal Ash Rule -- Landfill Update
    Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 19:05:26 +0000

    tl.gif t.gif tr.gif

    Some news and information from 

    Labadie Environmental Organization

    August 25, 2011


    When Will County Commission Decide Landfill Zoning Issue?    

    Tick.  Tock.  No "save the date" for this event.  Check the Commission agenda every Friday afternoon here  and attend the Tuesday 10 am Commission meetings at the Government Center in Union.  The decision meeting will likely happen in the next several weeks and with very little notice.   An action alert will be sent as soon as we know.

    But there is still time to put the Commissioners on notice that landfills DO NOT belong in a floodplain or a floodway or a seismic impact zone… EVER.   Strong rules at the local level that actually protect affected residents are more important than ever now that we know these 3 things:
    1.       State coal ash regulations that truly protect the public are a myth
    2.       No national coal ash standards currently exist,  and
    3.       Congress is actively trying to prevent future enactment of national coal ash standards. 
    The landfill issue represents the intersection of local, state and federal policies and how they should work together to benefit the public but often end up failing to do that.  Here's what we've learned.

    Myth Busted! 

    Missouri flunks the test when it comes to managing coal ash.   According to a recent state-by-state analysis, Missouri falls in the top 12 of the worst states for coal ash management.  # 6 to be exact.  That's an alarming statistic that must be emphasized to the Franklin County Commission as they wrestle with zoning changes that would allow coal ash landfills. 

    This report debunks the myth that state regulatory agencies are strong and actually protect the public from the dangers of toxic coal ash.   Read the report here (Missouri details are on pg 15 of the report) and then take action.  Here are 3 easy ways to share your concerns with the Commissioners.
    Ø  Send an email to commission@franklinmo.net
    Ø  Send a letter to Franklin County Commission, 400 E. Locust, Union, Mo. 63084 or
    Ø  Call 636-583-6358
    Trusting state regulations on coal ash management will protect our drinking water creates a false sense of security.  The truth is, State regulations are lacking and/or unenforced.  But surely the EPA will come to the rescue.  Won't they?  Not if the House of Representatives get their way.

    Coal Ash Rule and EPA Under Attack!   

    House Reps are on a roll – rolling back our environmental protections.   Here is a partial hit list: 
    ü  suspending vehicle car mileage goals
    ü  suspending rules on mountaintop removal mining
    ü  disallowing almost any activity related to greenhouse gas regulation
    ü  stopping stricter mercury emissions standards
    ü  and preventing the EPA from regulating coal ash as a hazardous waste… EVER !
    The Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act are under attack … that means you, your kids, your grandkids and your future grandkids are under attack.  There are many fronts in this battle but here's how to fight back on coal ash:
    v  Let your member of Congress know you want federal protection from toxic coal ash.  Tell them to oppose H.R. 2273 aka "The McKinley Bill".   This bill is a gift to polluters.  Find out more here.
    v  Coal Ash Talking Points.  Get the lowdown here on how Congress is trying to use budget riders to the Appropriations Bill to kill coal ash protections … another gift to polluters. 
    For details on a different House bill (HR 2018*) that has incredibly passed the House and would dismantle 40 years of environmental progress if the Senate passes it this Fall, read this article from Health News Digest.   *The Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act of 2011 will amend the Clean Water Act of 1970 and give authority over clean water regulation back to the States. 

    Think about that… considering Missouri is at the very end of one of the largest watersheds in the country!  WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM and Missouri is downstream from many, many states.  Tell your Senator to reject HR 2018 and save the Clean Water Act.   Tell Senator McCaskill to protect the public and "unsign" the White House coal ash letter she endorsed that would prevent managing coal ash as the hazardous waste it is.  Contact your Senator here.

    Powerful Words and Images:   

    A concerned citizen recently wrote a thoughtful and moving open letter to Senator Claire McCaskill about the Ameren coal ash landfill issue.  It was prominently displayed in the August 17th edition of the Missourian.  See it here and read what one person had to say.  Get inspired to add your voice wherever you can.  

    bl.gif b.gif br.gif

    Labadie Environmental Organization, Inc.
    PO Box 112
    Labadie, Missouri 63055

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    Solar Facts the Republicans Don't want you to know

    Fast Fact

    Since the inception of the DOE Solar Incubator Program in 2007, more than
    $1.3 billion in venture capital and private equity has spurred industry growth as a result of DOE's $60 million investment in incubator companies.



    New Jersey Gov. Christie enacts one-year hydraulic fracturing moratorium

    New Jersey Gov. Christie enacts one-year hydraulic fracturing moratorium

    By Phaedra Friend Troy

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has enacted a one-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, making the Garden State the first state in the US to ban hydraulic fracturing.

    In June 2011, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill to permanently ban hydraulic fracturing in the state, and Thursday, Gov. Christie recommended a one-year moratorium on the completion method.

    The move is largely seen as a public statement, rather than a real imposition, because no operators are interested in using hydraulic fracturing in New Jersey.

    “While the Marcellus Shale formation does not underlie enough of New Jersey to make it economical to produce, and no natural gas producers are actively seeking to explore for natural gas in the Garden State, this policy sends the wrong message to an entire nation benefitting from the responsible production of clean-burning, American natural gas,” saidKathryn Klaber, president and executive director of Marcellus Shale Coalition. “Further, the governor’s decision runs contrary to his understandable and laudable promotion of the expanded use of natural gas in his state’s energy mix.”

    Shale natural gas, as found in the Marcellus Shale in the northeast United States, is prolific but trapped by tight rock formations that do not allow the hydrocarbon to flow to the surface using conventional drilling methods. In the past decade, producers have begun drilling horizontally across the formation and using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing to unlock the tight rocks and allow the hydrocarbons to flow.

    This new drilling and completion technology is changing the oil and gas market in the US and Canada, and many other countries around the world are clamoring to learn how to develop shale and unconventional resources.

    While Texas Governor Rick Perry passed a law that would require companies to publicly disclose hydraulic fracturing components but supported shale development in the Lone Star State, France recently outlawed the completion method.

    New Jersey Gov. Christie enacts one-year hydraulic fracturing moratorium


    Adding a Porch to an Existing Home

    Misc CADD Details for Adding a Porch to an Existing Home.

    Existing House Framing CADD Detail 1/306

    Option 1 Porch Framing CADD Detail 1/307
    Exterior Finish CADD Detail 1/308


    Back to School with ENERGY STAR

    image: LEARN MORE AT energystar.gov


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    Back to School with ENERGY STAR

    That's right, it's time for school already and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has some back-to-school, energy-saving tips to help you or your family prepare for the school year—from elementary all the way up to college. Even if your school days are behind you, there's lots here you can apply in your own home. So take a peek and get ready to go back to school with ENERGY STAR.

    Green Your Dorm Room with ENERGY STAR

    While outfitting you or your kid's dorm room this fall, where you can, remember to choose environmentally friendly products. One way to do this is by looking for the ENERGY STAR. Products that have earned the ENERGY STAR meet strict energy efficiency requirements set by the EPA, so they use less energy, save money, and help protect the climate. From laptops and printers for your schoolwork, to TVs and mini fridges for your study breaks, ENERGY STAR qualified products make it easy for you to make a difference. Here are a few tips to help you shop "green" for back to school:

    ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting: If a table lamp is part of your dorm decor, make sure it's ENERGY STAR qualified. Also look for ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs or LEDs, which use 75 percent less energy than regular incandescent light bulbs.

    ENERGY STAR Qualified Computers: A high-performing computer is a must for school. With ENERGY STAR, you'll know you're getting a computer that is good for the environment and comparable in performance. Whether you choose a desktop or laptop, a computer that has earned the ENERGY STAR uses up to 65 percent less energy than non-qualified computers. And don't forget to look for the ENERGY STAR if you're in the market for other office products, as well.

    ENERGY STAR Qualified Mini Fridges: How cool is it to keep food and drinks in an ENERGY STAR, energy-saving mini fridge? You get easy access to the "energy" you need while using less of it in the process. ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators use 20 percent less energy than non-qualified refrigerators, so you can enjoy your break while making a difference.

    ENERGY STAR Qualified Electronics: No dorm room is complete without an ENERGY STAR qualified entertainment system, right? With all that work, everyone needs some time to decompress. With ENERGY STAR qualified TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and speakers, you can really relax—not only from your work, but also knowing that your electronics are using less energy. ENERGY STAR specifications for electronics are more efficient both when in stand-by mode and when in active mode, and use the latest and greatest technology. Plus, you'll feel good about helping the environment.

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    Other Green, Energy-Saving Tips for College

    Did you know that the buildings where we work, play, and learn are responsible for nearly 20 percent of both the nation's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions? That includes college buildings and dorm rooms, so make a change today to help cut down on this energy use by following one of the easy tips below! And, be sure to check out the ENERGY STAR Check-up Guide on www.energystar.gov/eventtoolkit for more information.

    • Power Down: Make sure that you enable the power management features on your computer and monitor so they go to sleep (switch to a low power mode) when not in use. Here's another bonus tip: Set your printer to print double-sided and cut paper waste in half while also saving money!
    • Unplug It: Did you know that your office equipment and electronics are still drawing energy from an electrical outlet even when not plugged in? To avoid wasting energy, remember to unplug your chargers after your electronics are all charged up.
    • Turn off the Lights: Remember to turn off your lights when leaving the room or other common areas. Duh, right?
    • Use a Power Strip: It's a myth that keeping your electronics on is better for them. It's infinitely better—both for your equipment and for the environment—to turn your electronics off, especially when you are not going to use it for a while, like at night. Plugging everything into a power strip makes this easier by creating a central "turn-off" point.
    • Fill 'er Up and Save: Did you know that running full loads of laundry instead of partial loads can save up to 3,400 gallons of water a year and save energy at the same time? Also, be sure to wash with cold water whenever possible.
    • Work from the Outside In: Check for air leaks around doors and windows and suggest that someone help seal leaks with weather stripping. Plus, keep doors and windows closed when the AC or heat is on!
    • Shared savings: We all know that, collectively, our individual changes make a big difference. Share your savings story and get your friends to share theirs to see how it all adds up. You can also hang signs or posters in your dorm building with tips for saving energy to encourage your friends to make a change!

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    Back-to-School Shopping? Shoot for the Stars!

    When you do your back-to-school shopping—whether it's for products that have earned the ENERGY STAR or the typical supplies like pencils and notebooks—make sure you're shopping at retailers that care about the environment. Some of the top retailers in the country partner with EPA either to make their buildings super energy efficient or to help educate customers about ENERGY STAR qualified products.

    Click here for a list of retailers that are doing good things for the environment by joining EPA to protect the climate either by making their stores energy efficient or participating in our Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign.

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    Go Green Nights Available for the 2011-2012 School Year

    For the third school year in a row, EPA is teaming up with PTO Today to sponsor Go Green Nights in K-8 schools across the country. Since the partnership began in 2009, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) leaders from more than 9,500 schools have held Go Green Nights full of fun, educational activities for kids and their families to teach them how to make a difference for the environment. For the 2011-2012 school year, EPA and PTO Today have another fun-filled year planned. If you are part of a school, visit ptotoday.com/gogreen to order your kit or let your child's school know about this great opportunity to organize a Go Green Night!

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    "Do Something" to Make a Difference

    EPA and Do Something.org, a teen action outreach organization, joined together to launch a fun, environmentally-focused online Facebook game called eMission. This popular game, with more than 47,000 players since the fall 2010 launch, provides teens and Facebook users the chance to protect their own habitat by taking action around energy efficiency and climate change, both online and off. Click here to start playing today! Or, for more information, contact changetheworld@cadmusgroup.com.

    Also in partnership with Do Something, EPA is encouraging teens to shed their unwanted electronics by participating in the E-Waste Drive campaign. From August 15 through October 1, teens can drop off their unwanted electronics at their local Best Buy, instead of dumping it in landfills. Are you a teen (or do you know a teen) who is passionate about the environment and recycling? Tell them to get involved and say goodbye to those extra unwanted laptops, cell phones, chargers, DVDs, and CDs. For more information, check out www.dosomething.org/ewaste.

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    Don't forget to check out other cool stuff with our campaign!    
    There's only a short time left to get your videos in for the "Be an ENERGY STAR Video Challenge". Voting for the winners starts September 16th, so get out there and have some fun and show the world how you can be an ENERGY STAR! You can also see what fun ENERGY STAR events are happening in your area with the ENERGY STARs Across America map.

    And, of course, don't forget to take the pledge. Even if you have taken it already, take it again now to include your latest energy-efficient changes! And, forward this e-mail on to your colleagues, friends, and family so they can do the same.

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    ENERGY STAR, a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, helps us all save money and fight climate change through energy-efficient products and practices. Learn more. Visit www.energystar.gov.


    Newsletter: Supercommitte Money Madness, Boycotting Campaign Cash and More


    Sectors With Much at Stake in Debt Talks Heavily Invested in Supercommittee Members

    The 12 members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction won't be making decisions about what spending to cut in a vacuum: They bring with them ties to particular industries and loyalties to particular political patrons. And a new section of OpenSecrets.org helps you follow the money associated with these high-profile politicos. According to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, these 12 lawmakers have collectively raised more than $592 million since the 1990 election cycle. Big chunks of this money have come from interests with much at stake during the deficit reduction talks. » Read More

    Starbucks CEO Wants Contribution Boycott

    Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, has pledged to "withhold any further campaign contributions to the president and all members of Congress until a fair, bipartisan deal is reached that sets our nation on stronger long-term fiscal footing." This rhetoric isn't just an empty threat. According to research by the Center for Responsive Politics, Schultz has been a prolific donor over the years. Along with his wife, he has donated $183,650 to federal candidates and political committees since the 1994 election cycle -- when he made his first donation. Of that sum, 95 percent has benefited Democrats, including $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee. » Read More

    Supercommittee Members Far Wealthier Than Average Americans

    The net worths of politicians sitting on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction range from just over $100,000 to more than $238 million, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics. The median net worth for these dozen lawmakers is $1.2 million -- nearly 13 times larger than the net worth of the average American family. » Read More

    Tom Tancredo Forms a Super PAC

    Fresh off his unsuccessful gubernatorial bid as the Constitution Party candidate in Colorado, ex-Rep. Tom Tancredo has founded his own super PAC. The group, which is known as the American Legacy Alliance, filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission last week announcing its intention to "raise funds in unlimited amounts" and "make independent expenditures." During the 2008 election cycle, Tancredo unsuccessfully campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination, championing the issues of border security and tougher immigration laws. That's a message that his super PAC is continuing to herald. » Read More

    Mets Owners Face Long Arm of the Law

    The New York Mets owners may be required to pay up to $300 million to the trustee of the victims of Bernie Madoff's fraud. A federal appeals court this week ruled against Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz in a lawsuit, which claimed that they were "net winners" from their decades of investing with Madoff. They both also have decades of experience making political contributions, research by the Center for Responsive Politics shows. » Read More

    Join OpenSecrets.org for Coffee in San Francisco

    Join OpenSecrets.org Outreach Coordinator Evan Mackinder at an informal meet and greet on Saturday, Aug. 20, in San Francisco. This will be an informal session, meant to give supporters of OpenSecrets.org a chance to meet with a member of our staff and talk about issues related to campaign finance and government transparency. It's also a chance for us to hear what's on your mind! Come, join us -- and bring your friends! » Read More

    Numerous Media Outlets Citing OpenSecrets.org's Research, Reporting

    Numerous media outlets have this past week cited OpenSecrets.org's research and reporting, particularly the Center's analysis of the supercommittee members.

    CNBC, U.S. News & World Report, the Huffington Post, National Public Radio and the New York Times were among the news organizations to cite the Center's work or experts regarding the supercommittee.

    Meanwhile, the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, CNNMoney.com and KPCC public radio in Los Angeles were among the news organizations citing the Center in stories about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's call for a contribution boycott.

    Other outlets to rely on the Center's expertise this week include:

    See all the news outlets and blogs who've been citing our work at our "In the News" page.

    August 18, 2011
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    Copyright © 2011 Center for Responsive Politics, All rights reserved.  You are receiving this email because you opted in at our website, OpenSecrets.org.

    Center for Responsive Politics
    1101 14th St. NW
    Suite 1030
    Washington, District of Columbia 20005


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