Repairing Concrete Steps-Hints-Suggestions-Photos

Repairing Concrete Steps-Hints-Suggestions-Photos

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Repair It-Don’t Replace It-Concrete Steps

Repairing Concrete Steps instead of Replacing-Job Notes, Suggestions, and Hints.

Whether it is downturn of economy or people choosing to save money, many of my clients are choosing to “Repair rather than Replace” the materials used in the construction of their home or business.

If you decide that this type of DIY concrete repair is more than you can handle on your own.  Scotts Contracting is available to assist you in your project.  Fill in the form (provided below) and Scotty will respond asap to your request.

In the photos you can see:

  1. How the prior concrete patch job had deteriorated and made the Concrete Steps a Safety Issue for the homeowner.
  2. Quick and Easy Concrete Form for Repairing Concrete Walkway
  3. Materials used to Repair / Resurface the Concrete Steps (Home Depot Products)
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    • Rapid Set Cement – Multi-Purpose Construction Material
    • Quikrete 1-Gallon Concrete Bonding Adhesive
    • Quikrete 1 qt. Acrylic Fortifier
    • Concrete Reinforcing-#4 Rebar- 1/2 in.
  4. Tools needed to accomplish Concrete Step Repair
    • Darby
    • Hammer-Drill w/ 1/2 Concrete Bit and Flat Bit
    • Concrete Floats and Edgers
    • Screw Gun
    • Clamps
    • Wire Brush
    • Buckets
    • Broom/Brush
Before Photos of Concrete Step and Walkway Repair
Photo 1)
Before Photo of Concrete Step Repair
Before Photo of Concrete Step Repair
Photo clearly shows how the prior concrete patch had deteriorated into an unsafe and hazardous condition.
Question: Why did the prior concrete patch fail?
Answer: To the best of my knowledge whomever did the prior patch did not use:
1) Surface Bonding agent and
2) Concrete Additive to form a tight bond against the elements and use
3) Prior to patching the area may not have been cleaned which allowed the patch to work loose in time

Photo 2)
Concrete Walk Repair
Before Walkway Repair

Photo 3)
Concrete Form for Repairing Concrete Walkway
Concrete Form for Repairing Concrete Walkway
Inexpensive Concrete Form used to repair edge of Concrete Walkway.
1) Concrete Form consisting of 2- 1×4 or 1×6 Screwed together and clamped to edge of Walkway

Photo 4)
Concrete Form for Repairing Concrete Walkway #2
View #2 Edge View for Concrete Form for Repairing Edge of Concrete Walkway
Edge View of Concrete poured into the Concrete Form used to repair edge of Walkway
Note: Before concrete was poured into the form it is suggested by the manufacture to:
1) Clean Area completely of any substances that will inhibit the new concretes adhesion properties.
2) After cleaning and prepping area: Apply a surface bonding agent (Concrete Glue) to the area with an old paint brush; carefully working the Adhesive into all cracks and crevices.

Photo 5)
Repaired Concrete Step
Repaired Concrete Step

Photo 6)
Close Up of Repaired Concrete Step
Close Up of Repaired Concrete Step
Notes: Notice how the Fast Dry Cement Patch is drying ( white areas compared to grey area )
Broom finish used for traction on the steps and the finished texture

Photo 7)
View #2 After Repair
View #2 After Repair
This photo was included to point out the transition between the Step and Landing zone.  The area was filled with concrete to inhibit future seep-age of water from entering the area and further deteriorating the Foundation of the Home.

Hints and Suggestions:
  1. To increase the life expectancy of this concrete patch and increase the adhesive properties.  (A)An acrylic bonding agent was used in the mixture of Concrete and Water. (B) Surface Bonding Agent applied to clean surfaces before patch was installed.   The working time for the patch will be under 15 mins.  Only mix enough patch to work small areas ( 1/4 of a 5 Gal Bucket at a time )
  2. When repairing steps if at all possible start at the top step and work down
  3. Clean Hand Trowels often to remove adhesive from the Acrylic Agent for a smooth finish that can later be worked into the finished texture (Broom Finish or Swirl Finish)

If you decide that this type of DIY concrete repair is more than you can handle on your own.  Scotts Contracting is available to assist you in your project.  Fill in the form (provided below) and Scotty will respond asap to your request.

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