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GreenBuild Kitchen Project Using Habitat For Humanity Building Materials

Every project has a must have, in the case of this Kitchen project the 6 must haves were accomplished and the total job costs were under $150.00 saving the Home Owner $350.00 of her budget!  Sound impossible? Here is how I accomplished this task by adding an Eat-In Kitchen Counter Top along one wall :) A more user friendly kitchen LayoutAdditional Counter SpaceSeating and Eating area for the Grand-kidsFinal Project must blend with existing kitchen decorOpen Floor Plan-More SpaceBudget of $500.00  
I learned long ago in my college drafting classes that a good plan not only speeds up the construction process it helps the Home Owner visualize the end result. My initial inspection of the existing kitchen revealed:  The existing counter was congested with cooking appliances and left little room for food prep.  A small 4 person table that the Grand Kids utilized for eating and homework robbed the kitchen of valuable floor space. I came up with the plan in the 2nd photo and presented it to th…

Benton Rehab Flooring-Custom Floor Patch

Although it is not impossible to find Lumber to match a floor built in the late 1800s.  The Owner of the Property decided to Jazz it up and incorporate a design into the floor.
Part 14-Custom Flooring Patch Hardwood Floor Repair-Benton RehabOriginal Flooring Material-Douglas FirWood Flooring Patch in a varied pattern made from:Up-Cycled flooring materials and Lumber from past jobs consisting of: Red Oak, Redwood, Walnut, and White Oak.

The flooring will be finished with a clear poly urethane coating that will blend the color of the floor with the design on the Apartment.  Douglas fir has a redish tint that we matched to the Interior Tuck-pointing giving the Investment Property an:  OLD WESTERN - OLD SOUTH ST LOUIS ARCHITECTURE- DECOR AND FEEL INTO A MODERN DAY APARTMENTBENTON GUT REHAB
Part 1: History Part 2: Stone Foundation Repair Part 3: Tuckpointing the Brick Walls pt 1 Part 4: Tuckpointing the Brick Walls pt 2 Part 5: What were they thinking? Part 6: Paint Pro Tip #35 Part 7:Repairing Wa…

Kitchen Framing Tip #36-Benton Rehab Project

Here is a good tip I learned from the Owner of this Property.  Before Installing the Drywall over the framing members in a Kitchen Wall.

The following photo is a double stack wall to allow the space needed for the efficient bathroom fixtures and also the upstairs apartments kitchen, and bath areas.

With so much at stake to repair a water leak; the small amount of time needed to snap a photo and make a Job Site Sketch is minimal when compared to the alternative: a water leak repair in new construction!This Construction Tip was brought to you by Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis  Renewable Energy

Part 1:HistoryPart 2: Stone Foundation RepairPart 3: Tuckpointing the Brick Walls pt 1Part 4: Tuckpointing the Brick Walls pt 2Part 5: What were they thinking?Part 6: Paint Pro Tip #35Part 7:Repairing Water Damage-Exterior WallPart 8: 1st Floor WeatherizationPart 9: See the Difference a Little White Paint MakesPart 10: Interior Framing-Plumbing-Laundry RoomPart 11: Kitchen Framing Tip #36-Ben…

CADD Kitchen Design 2 Island Cook Top and Exhaust Hood

Scotts Contracting Latest Kitchen Design CAD Drawings by clicking on the Photo you will be redirect to
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Kitchen Project Photos

Scotty Comments: 
I am very pleased with the Design-Build Concept utilized in the Kitchen Make-Over.  After the Prior Contractor Dropped the Ball on the project.  Scotts Contracting was hired to finish the project.  We added: Accent Lighting, Insulation, Air Sealing, New Plumbing Vent Stack and Drain Line, Coffered Ceiling, Energy Efficient Lighting Choices, among numerous other Design and Installation’ Options

See additional Project Photos for the Kitchen Remodel Project Located in the St Louis South Hampton Region.

Kitchen Remodel Project Photos

Scotts Contracting Design-Build Kitchen Remodel Project Photos
Beautiful Granite Stone in photo is fromGraniterra, Holly was nice enough to let us browse the Great Selection of Beautiful Stone in the Warehouse on Kingshighway Blvd, St Louis, MO