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Brick Building Earthquake Warning

Should the people of St.Louis be concerned? 2017 Solar Eclipse follows the line of the North American Rift and since the New Madrid Fault line is located in this general area. Yes I feel it does cause room to be aware of the situation at the minimum.

Solar Eclipse and the North American Rift will it affect the New Madrid Fault?

I hope, have prayed, and will do a little more praying in the days to come that the Madrid Fault does not move from its current location. The Brick and Masonry buildings around town that were built during the World Fair held in St.Louis years and years ago were not constructed with steel reinforment when the brick buildings were built.

StLouis Worlds Fair Brick Building History Lesson:There were many clues for determining the age of the building. When St Louis hosted the Worlds Fair.  The city planners realized that housing was going to be needed for everyone and started building many of the brick homes that are still being utilized all over the city today....E…

Tuck-pointing and Acid Clean-Up of Shady Jacks Building Preservation Front Entrance Make Over

Just Finished the Tuck-pointing and Acid Clean-Up of Shady Jacks Building Preservation Front Entrance Make Over.   Getting another 100 years of Service from this Masonry Brick Building will not be an issue now!  

There are some BIG plans for this building.  Stay Tuned for further details. Hint: #Sports  and #Fitness

No rest for the wicked and its onto another project Tuesday!  We will be finishing up the project started last summer- I'll be performing: #weldingservices#carpentryservices  and #flooringservices  as well as a little #hvacservices  while we finish up the Benton Rehab Project- to see the prior projects photos and details of work completed so far check out the Green Blog at the last blog posting here:

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotts Contracting- St Louis Home Improvement Projects and Energy Reduc…

StLouis Building Preservation-Tuckpointing-Architectural Arches

Day 1 Work Photos showing the Architectural Details and how the Brick Mortar had eroded away in the 100+ year life of the building.  

Note: Mortar has eroded to the point that the Key Stones will loose their position and start the Domino Effect and allow the Entire wall to collapse.

When #MortarJoints  have deterriorated to this point it takes quite a bit of effort and patience to completely fill the voids {Tuck-pointing} to hold the #Bricks  in place.


Tuckpointing Interior- Rehab of 4 Family Part 3

How we  brought the Old Western - Old South St Louis Architecture- Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment- Benton Gut Rehab
We performed extensive tuck-pointing on the Building for
Aesthetic Purposes-for the Interior-see Soulard* Red Colored Mortar in this picture below ) and  Structural Purposes  (see upcoming Green Blog Post) both of which have Energy Saving Benefits!

Materials/Tools Used for the Project:
Type N- Masonry and Tuckpoint Mortar MixRed Coloring (Soulard Red)- Dry Mix4 in Diamond Plated Grinder WheelsVarious Tuck-pointing tools- Concave PointersHudson SprayerStep Ladders and Walk BoardsSafety Glasses / Dust MasksWheel Barrow and Garden HoeBefore During and After Pictures of this stage of the project

Before We Removed the Damaged Exterior Wall.We First Tuck-pointed the Brick Walls of the Building.We could then Safely Remove the Damaged Lumber and Walls- after shoring up the existing Ceiling Joists (upcoming post in the Series)  Rebuild the 2x6 Walls (upcoming post in t…