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Senate Bill 321 =Nuclear Energy Rate Hike Bill

that has migrated into other bills allows Ameren Missouri to raise electric customer rates $45 million to subsidize an early site permit for a second nuclear reactor. MCE opposes any legislation allowing investor-owned utilities, like Ameren Missouri, to erode the ban against charging ratepayers for a power plant before it is operational. The ban on "Construction Work in Progress" charges or CWIP has protected Missouri ratepayers since voters passed it in 1976. Language circulating in Jefferson City by Senator Mike Kehoe and Rep. Jeanie Riddle gives Ameren Missouri the ability to raise electricity rates $45 million now for an "early site permit" for a second nuclear reactor. The $45 million rate hike creates no jobs, provides no service, and the reactor may never be built. Socializing the financial risk of nuclear power for a corporation's private profits does not serve Missourians' interests. 
You can help by calling your legislators and…

Solar power is beginning to go mainstream –

Solar power installations doubled in the United States last year and are expected to double again this year. More solar energy is being planned than any other power source, including nuclear, coal, natural gas and wind."We are at the beginning of a turning point," says Andrew Beebe, who runs global sales for Suntech Power, a manufacturer of solar panels.Solar's share of the power business remains tiny. But its promise is great. The sun splashes more clean energy on the planet in one hour than humans use in a year, and daytime is when power is needed most. And solar panels can be installed near where people use power, reducing or eliminating the costs of moving power through a grid. Solar power is beginning to go mainstream –

Fire Proof-Air Tight-Electrical Junction Box Cover

Air Sealing a Ceiling Electrical Junction BoxOCTOBER 28, 2011BY  Service CAD Design-Weatherize-Insulate-Fire Block-Electrical Junction Box
CAD Diagram explains how to Build and Air Tight Electrical Junction Box located in most Attics Sealing Air LeaksWarm air leaking into your home during the summer and out of your home during the winter and can waste a lot of your energy dollars. One of the quickest dollar-saving tasks you can do is caulk, seal, and weatherstrip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside.

You can save on your heating and cooling bill by reducing the air leaks in your home.
Fire Proof /Air Tight Electrical Junction Box Cover used in Attics Hint: Use Fire Rated: 5/8″Fire Rated Drywall or Sheetrock with Fire Proof Caulking to Create the Air Tight Seal Tips for Sealing Air Leaks re-posted from:

Poll: How can I help you save money on your Winter Time Heating Bills?

Click Here to take the Poll: How can I help you save money on your Winter Time Heating Bills? you will be redirected to the Sister Site at Word Press

Weatherization doesn't cost it Saves! -

Rule of Thumb:For Every $1 Spent on Weatherization- You will Save $2-$3 on your Home's Energy Bills

Example: By adding the suggested Inches of Insulation you will save 10-30% amount on the Energy needed to heat your Home = Lower Heating Bills and Greater Comfort Levels for you and your family

Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...

Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...
On the Frosty Mornings when you are outside your house scraping your cars windshield to prepare for your drive to work. Take a look at the Roof of your Home. -Lack of Frost or Snow on your Roof is a sure indication that it was melted by the Heat as it rises from the Interior of your House into the Attic Area-
Snow on Roof or Lack Snow is a sure sign...Does the Frost or Snow cover the whole roof?Are there places where the snow and frost melt first? (not caused by the Suns Rays)Is there Frost and Snow on the Garage Roof but not on the House Roof?Does your Neighbors House have Frost and Snow on their Roof- but-Your Roof Doesn't?Any or All the above may mean that:
Lack of Insulation In the AtticAir Infiltration from the Interior of the House into the Attic AreaUninsulated Heating Ducts inside the AtticScotts Contracting can Inspect your Attic for Proper:
Insulation LevelsAdequate VentilationUninsulated Heating DuctsAir InfiltrationEmail scotts…

St Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Celebration

Share:E-mailDear Cardinals Fan,Please join the St. Louis Cardinals as we celebrate our 11th World Series Championship! The World Series Championship Celebration, presented by Budweiser, is the culmination of the World Championship Parade, and will be held inside Busch Stadium on Sunday, October 30th. Gates will open at 2:00 P.M.Tickets go on sale Saturday, October 29th at 2:00 PM. Cardinals fans can purchase up to two (2) tickets to the celebration for just $5 per ticket. 100% of ticket sale proceeds benefit Cardinals Care, the Cardinals community fund. To purchase your tickets, simply click the "Buy Tickets" button below.Buy TicketsThank you for your continued support during the 2011 season and the incredible Postseason run!Sincerely,The St. Louis CardinalsSTATS | SCHEDULE | NEWS | ROSTER | BALLPARK

I took the Energy Pledge-Have YOU?

Take the Pledge to reduce Energy Consumption and Encourage Everyone Else to do their Part
Here are my Top 10 reasons for Green and Sustainable forms of Energy Independence and Reducing Energy by WeatherizationWars Over OilPollutionClean AirClean WaterReducing Cancer Causing Agents caused by PollutionSaving Money on Energy and Electric CostsSafety of the USAClean Energy Creates Jobs For America Reduce the Leverage of Big Oil Companies on our PoliticiansSustainable Resources for Energy Efficient Buildings If I can assist you in anyway in lowering your Energy use in your Home or Business shoot me an email at the follow link below, Scotty

BScott, Scotts Contracting S, thank you for making a difference with ENERGY STAR! Here is what you committed to change and the special offers available to help you make that change: Pledged Items Turn off your lights when not needed Change your system's air filter regularly Seal leaks and repair disconnections in your duct system Set or program your the…

Join Me and Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge!

If I can assist you in anyway in lowering your Energy use in your Home or Business shoot me an email at the follow link below, Scotty
Hi Readers, I've just made a change with ENERGY STAR and I'm inviting you to join me. And now saving energy is more rewarding than ever! With just a few changes, you'll discover many benefits—from saving money, to improving the comfort of your home, to helping protect our climate. Make a change now and discover even more rewards, including special offers from leading ENERGY STAR partners. Join the millions who are making a real difference. When we work together the rewards are great! ENERGY STAR is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. For more information, visit
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If I can assist you in anyway in lowering your Energy use in your Home or Business shoot me a…

Bokashi For Students-Guest Post

Bokashi For Students
Composting is an increasingly popular habit that helps individuals, the environment and even the economy. For busy students in graduate programs online, who are often living in small housing like apartments or dorms; many methods of composting are unfortunately impractical due to space and time constraints. Bokashi offers a quick and convenient composting solution for students with little time and space.
Bokashi is the Japanese word for fermented organic waste. The microorganisms found in Bokashi break organic matter down quickly, compactly and in an odor-free way. Although it is referred to as composting, what is really happening is the microorganisms are fermenting the food waste in a Bokashi bin. Bokashi is a mixture that is added to food scraps. The mixture contains one of several different types of carriers such as bran, rice hulls or sawdust along with the effective microorganisms (commonly referred to as EM). The Bokashi mixture aids in the fast fermentation …

Green-Initiative gains support of the STL Post Dispatch

Renew Missouri in the News

Advocates seek new vote on state clean energy mandates

Jefferson City ABB transformer factory contributes to Missouri wind farms

City considers joining clean energy group

New renewable energy proposal to be submitted for Missouri ballot

Organization continues to campaign for coal-free campus

New Mo. renewable energy proposal submitted

New RES Initiative gains support of the STL Post-DispatchDear Scotty,

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured an awesome political cartoon and article supporting the new Renewable Energy Ballot initiative.  It is a huge shot in arm for our initiative to have such a major paper's editorial board supporting us. By: R.J. Matson of the Post-DispatchCheck out the story - it really captures our plans for the new ballot initiative: Missouri voters get chance to vote for renewable energy - again.